When you tel me that you love me

GOD grant me the
Serenity to accept the things I can not change,
Courage to change the things I can ,
Wisdom to know the DIFFERENCE .


. How I wanna feel in these way, longers in time
How I wanna know you are doing so, make you mine.

How I wanna change the world, only for you.
All the impossibles , I wanna do.

How I wanna hold the clouds, under the rain.
How I wanna kiss your smile and feel your pain.

I know what beautiful is looking at you.
Here in the world of lies, you are the true.

Every time you touch me, I become a hero
I make the state from where and where you are,
and bring you

Every thing you ask for , nothing is above me.
I`m shining like a candle in the dark

When you tel me that you love me.


با من بمون اي همسفر

با من بمون اي همسفر،با من كه از ره خسته ام
با جان لبريز نگات از هستي خود رسته ام

با من بمون اي همزبون ،تو اين شب دلواپسي
با من كه تنها مانده ام، در لحظه‌ هاي بي كسي

اي يادگار از تو غرور زخمي‌ام ،اي فارغ از من فارغ از يادت نيم
گر رقيبم را پسنديدي غمي نيست؟ شادم كه ميداني و ميدانم كي‌ام

شادم كه سودايي ندارم؛ در سينه غوغايي ندارم
آيينه ام خو كرده با شب چشمي به فردايي ندارم

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